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The present situation of amorphous core transforme


Amorphous alloys should be taken seriously by the "invasion" of environmental energy conservation and emission reduction

Amorphous alloy transformer "invasion" of the national power grid, in the name of "environmental protection" energy conservation and emissions reduction, with the avalanche of aggressively "invasion" of the national power grid, why do I use the word "invasion"? Because of foreign amorphous alloy strip has long coveted Chinese transformer industry profits, suffer from has been not the mouth, as early as the end of last century foreign technology of amorphous alloy is the attention and introduce the relevant domestic research institutes, as for the introduction of I don't know how much taxpayer money, can also imagine is not small number, anyway, we "introduction, digestion, reuse" has become a kind of innovation mode, province brains, just don't come out don't have to pay a penny. The transformer industry important raw material for the silicon steel sheet is not wuhan, baosteel introduced from foreign countries, they can introduce the silicon steel sheet we can also introduce amorphous alloy, from this Angle said no contradiction. Orientation technology of silicon steel, however, we just grasp, silicon steel transformer technology becoming mature, from the current look for areas of high efficiency and energy saving transformer silicon steel manufacturing transformer advantage have no difference. When it comes to environmental protection, not only noisy, amorphous alloy transformer and amorphous alloy iron core once damaged beyond repair, core itself and core debris contamination of transformer oil cannot be recycled, in terms of recycling will damage to the environment, but also for energy conservation and emissions reduction.

Earlier years, our country impoverished, large steel smelting period we have to tighten their belts anyway ironmaking, ate it in order to catch up with Britain and the United States, in the seventy s we introduced from Nippon steel high cold rolled silicon steel production technology, to fill the domestic production of hot rolled silicon steel only not in the production of cold rolled silicon steel blank, cold-rolled silicon steel production application to domestic transformer, motor industry development by leaps and bounds, however due to the limited production, domestic reform and opening up the market opportunity, the demand for silicon steel is increased, the production line just wisco has failed to meet domestic demand, a large number of silicon steel demand especially high silicon steel still rely on import brand orientation, baosteel, seize the opportunities brought from Japan JFE silicon steel production technology, and independent research and development in a short time silicon steel production of complete sets of equipment and production technology, quickly adapt to the market demand, timely will cold-rolled silicon steel market orientation, orientation, change of wisco silicon steel products exclusive world situation, China as the market gap is too big, in the 1990 s, with the rapid development of power industry in our country, especially for transformer industry oriented silicon steel demand is increasing, and relatively insufficient domestic oriented silicon steel production, under the drive of huge profits, the domestic secondary oil market expanded rapidly, part of small and medium sized transformer companies began extensive use of secondary oil film, and derived a group of core processing enterprises. Eight years before the beginning of the 21st century oriented silicon steel has become almost a roll is hard to find, the good and evil people mixed up the market, a large number of secondary oil enrichment distribution transformer market, to market of distribution transformer.

Although it is beneficial to the national energy conservation and emission reduction, the renewable silicon steel is a potential problem for the transformer industry

Amorphous alloy transformer industry in 2014-2018 the future outlook, according to a report in 2008 I had around China's second oil processing and distribution center to collect first-hand information, and wrote the neglected hazard: with renewable power transformer silicon steel core ", published in the journal of power equipment 2008 fifth period, from "on the importance of the power transformer silicon steel core", "? What is renewable silicon steel core using renewable silicon steel core (oil) what are the potential safety hazard ", "why renewable silicon steel sheet market hot", "renewable silicon steel sheet processing main distribution area and the source, production, processing methods, core flow", "made in iron core transformer can pass the appraisal and the net permission? Whether the loophole of appraisal system", "strong calls attention to the rural power grid security" regeneration use silicon steel core to the aspects of the concerns of the rural power grids. This cause the attention of the department in charge of transformer industry in that time, the regeneration of the silicon steel secondary use although is advantageous to the national emission reduction, but the state grid to ban companies use secondary oil production and processing transformer core, the use of silicon steel core transformer industry criterion, unconventional transformer core is to stress annealing process is forbidden, although can realize secondary oil found pieces of sampling observation of usage, but the magnetic induction, iron loss of silicon steel core transformer on affected by a lot of, because must go through the stress field of a transformer core silicon steel annealing was able to restore in slitting, cutting silicon steel, silicon steel cutting line hengjianxian features, this behavior is also directly contributing to all silicon steel made in transformer can not fully play its role in practical application.

The change of oriented silicon steel prices in recent years, oriented silicon steel market in wisco to produce 30 q130, for example, in mid - 2004 market circulation price about 15000 yuan/ton, the end of 2004 to reach 30000 yuan/ton, in March 2005, the market price is as high as 40000 yuan/ton, while the factory price is 18800 yuan/ton of wisco. In order to guarantee the good development of the domestic transformer industry, wusteel changed the sales system and supplied the transformer directly. However, in the second quarter of 2005, the price rose directly to 27,500 yuan/ton, and the price of the factory was stable at 35,000 ~ 36000 yuan/ton in 2006 ~ 2007. To March 2008 ex-factory price rose to 38189.97 yuan/ton, market circulation again, more than 40000 yuan/ton, price three years orientation silicon steel net rose by 20000 yuan per ton, 2007 global oriented silicon steel production has increased from 2006, about 230000 tons, but still can't meet the demand of market. Silicon steel showed a sharp fall in the third quarter of 2008 orientation, lead to all the way down, reached the bottom, at the beginning of 2011 in May 2014, 30 q120 market sale price has been controlled in 12000 yuan, beginning in June affected by uhv projects good oriented silicon steel rose month by month, by the rose nearly 50% in May, 2005.

Amorphous alloy transformer seize the opportunity

Amorphous alloy transformer has been eyeing the Chinese traditional transformer silicon steel market, total want to benefit from a piece of the amorphous alloy strip production overseas companies also take great pains to do a lot of work, on the one hand, China has introduced the amorphous strip and production technology of amorphous alloy transformer, on the other hand also actively participate in China's market promotion of the application of amorphous alloy transformer, their side on the Internet, journals, professional books published a large number of amorphous alloy materials and articles of amorphous alloy transformer technology, emphasis on energy saving effect of amorphous alloy transformer, use a variety of access to the transformer industry authority, technical personnel, to lobby state grid related departments, the application of amorphous alloy transformer products play a positive role, what was the introduction of amorphous strip of China department of production enterprises in. 2014 three or four quarters of oriented silicon steel price increases, one of the best opportunity for amorphous alloy transformer, transformer with amorphous alloy transformer silicon steel price close, the relevant departments have enough reasons to push into the national grid, amorphous alloy transformer in a hail of gas power transformer silicon steel pressure quickly occupied areas of distribution transformer, and the traditional transformer silicon steel industry can only helplessly looking at lost market, brute to lament.

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