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Welcome to Shanxi Lemai Electronics


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一、After sales service commitment and guarantee period

ys_15.jpg1.The company is responsible for providing technical parameters and data.

ys_15.jpg2. The company has three packages for the product, the main construction of the clean water pump is one year, and the sewage pump mainly constitutes a guarantee period of three months.

ys_15.jpg3.Provide spare parts and installation debug service and technical training to customers according to customer's requirement or agreement.

ys_15.jpg4. No matter what causes the device to be unavailable, the company should respond within an hour and handle it within 24 hours.

ys_15.jpg5. The two parties have negotiated the settlement of the matter.

二、telephone consulting service

If the customer has any problem with our company's products and services, please call the customer service hotline and we will provide 24-hour technical support telephone service.

Routine after-sales service workflow

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三、The repair methods

Users can fax, E-mail and so on by telephone inform ray in shanxi wheat electronic technology co., LTD., the service demand, also can direct contact with the company's sales department, contact phone number: 0354-5325898) when the repair, please clear the following content:

ys_15.jpg1. Contract or project name;

ys_15.jpg2. The product name and the failure of the product are provided to the company in the form of pictures, so that the maintenance personnel should be inspected for three packages;

ys_15.jpg3.Product purchase or use date;

ys_15.jpg4. The user's unit name is detailed address and postal code contact telephone and fax (or E-mail).

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