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The prospect of the non-crystalline energy transfo


As energy resources and environmental pressures are increasing, the power of transformer as a consumable device in the transmission and transmission industry is becoming more and more urgent.

In the recently held "transformer energy-saving key technology seminar" on, the expert analysis thinks, amorphous alloy transformer as a kind of high efficiency and energy saving products, has caused the national development and reform commission and attaches great importance to the power sector, and is being promoted. The state grid has issued a notice stating that more than 60 per cent of China's newly purchased transformers will be shipped in 2015. In the context of national energy conservation and emission reduction, the market prospect of amorphous alloy transformer is uniformly positive.

In the construction of agricultural network, it is inevitable

It is understood that amorphous alloy transformer is in recent years the emergence of a new type of energy-saving transformer, amorphous alloy iron core transformer manufacturing principle mainly using amorphous alloy materials instead of the silicon steel sheet manufacturing transformer. The outstanding characteristic of amorphous alloy is ferromagnetic loss is low, so its main characteristic is low no-load loss and small idle current, with the same model integrated series transformer no-load loss declined in 70% ~ 80%, 40% ~ 40% drop in no-load current, load loss by 20% ~ 30%, and therefore has a great deal of energy saving effect.

"Amorphous alloy transformer is to promote the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry" vanguard ", obvious energy saving effect and economic benefit is excellent transformer products, application will be able to effectively reduce the power loss in power distribution network. In line with national industrial policy and the requirement of saving energy and reducing consumption, is expected to become the future transformer in the market leading product "tells a reporter, a Shanghai transformer manufacturing enterprises of amorphous alloy transformer if can entirely replace new integrated series with variable, such as the level of 10 kv distribution transformer in demand is calculated at 50 million kVA, so, a year can be the saving electricity was above 10 billion kW/h, and it will be very significant economic and environmental benefits.

China's rural power grid load present strong seasonal characteristic, distribution transformer light load or no-load running time accounts for 70% ~ 80% of the total run time, especially in the dry areas of shaft irrigation, more big gap between the load change, especially suitable for using amorphous alloy transformer, widely applied to the site, will produce a great energy saving potential.

At the meeting, one of the jilin province electric power company officials told reporters that the company chose four low-pressure area replacement of 50 and 100 kva of amorphous alloy transformer, the load rate was 20% ~ 20% generally? On the right side, the peak load during the irrigation period is between 70% and 80%, which usually lasts for two months. Through one year of operation, change 4 area of amorphous alloy transformer, with close to capacity, load S11 type four transformer area compared to the line loss decreased by 2% ~ 2% respectively. Losing huge amounts of electricity each year significantly increases the efficiency.

"It is necessary to use amorphous alloy transformers in the process of agricultural network transformation, which can create higher economic benefits for enterprises." "The official said.

Some experts believe that with China's policy of saving energy and reducing consumption continuously deepening, the state encourages the development of energy-saving, low noise, intelligent power distribution transformer products. Net running in part of the energy distribution transformer is not in line with the industry development trend, facing the upgrading technology upgrading, demand, the future will gradually be energy saving, material saving, environmental protection, low noise, amorphous alloy transformer to replace.

Non-crystalline energy efficient transformers are expected to accelerate

At present, the state has a file to encourage energy saving transformer to promote the use, but the production and usage of amorphous alloy transformer is not too ideal, industry scale and market capacity has not been effectively released. According to forward-looking industry institute personage points out, the current energy saving distribution transformer is especially crystal alloy transformer price isn't cheap, enterprises in the process of transformer replace will invest a lot of initial capital, and the equipment cost of payback period is too long, so the user is difficult to determined to replace. And the way to solve the high costs and prices, is improved efficiently with the industrialization of changeable capacity, including process optimization, material optimization, improve production efficiency, etc.

According to forward-looking industry research institute of the amorphous alloy transformer industry in China in 2016-2021 market demand forecast and investment strategy analysis report, in terms of technology and industrialization, must promote industrialization of efficient distribution transformer capacity. Solve the problem of key raw materials and basic distribution transformer production process, strengthen the distribution transformer system energy saving technology research, strengthen the efficient distribution transformer application of new technology, new structure and new materials research, focuses on single-phase distribution transformer, load capacity of distribution transformer voltage regulator, aluminum winding distribution transformer, high flash point insulation oil plants applied occasion and technical reliability of distribution transformer, distribution transformer industry continued ability to innovate.

In addition, we need to improve the system construction of efficient distribution transformer. We will accelerate the formulation and improvement of relevant standards and specifications, standardize the testing and certification of power distribution transformers, and establish an evaluation system for full life cycle of distribution transformers. We will demonstrate the manufacturing and application of efficient distribution transformers, and demonstrate the demonstration and application of efficient distribution transformers.

Overall, the development prospect of the energy saving transformer industry in China is very broad, and the market demand will be expanded.

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