Welcome to Shanxi Lemai Electronics co., LTD.

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Welcome to Shanxi Lemai Electronics


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Combining with R&D,Produce and Sales,Professional Manufacuturer in NdFeB and amorphous bands

01Quality Guarantee

Advanced comprehensive laboratory.

Modernization and digitization in measurments.

Complete systerm of quality guarantee and quality assessment.

02R&D AbilityStrong R&D team

First-class experts and technicsts.

Perfect R&D center.

03Brand Protection

20 years specilized in produce and sale for NdFeB.

6000 square meters plant zone,more than 1000 staffs.

6 modern product lines.

04Service Assurance

Enthsiasm and timely respond.

Reliable,on time transport.

Perfect systerm of after-sale.

Free from worry and labour.

About Us


Shanxi Lemai Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd Shanxi Lemai Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd (also named Shanxi Sanyi Qiang magnetic industry shares Co.,ltd) is a high-tech corporation,which has devoted to permanent magnetics and Fe-based nanocrystaline alloy strips research,production and applications for 20 years. Our company is located in Qincun industry zone,Qixian ,Shanxi province where is the original place of Shanxi merchants culture. Moreover, there are unique suitable climate and abundant of... more +

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