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The use of ndfe-boron magnets in life and industry


It is the latest result of the development of the rare earth permanent magnet, which is known as the "magneto" because of its excellent magnetic properties. Ferroboron powerful magnets are small, lightweight and magnetic, and are the most expensive magnets to date. The main raw materials for the nd-iron boron strong magnets are metal neodymium, pure iron, boron iron alloy and other additives.

Ndfeb magnets in illnesses health industry, a large number of practice and scientific experiments prove ndfeb magnetized high strength can change the water's surface tension, density, solvent, such as physical properties, chemical properties have a significant impact on ph, etc, the magnetized water can increase the activity of enzyme in water and biological membrane permeability, often drink can strengthen physical health, regulate the body's microcirculation system, digestive system, endocrine system and nervous function, improve human immunity, prevention and treatment of many diseases.

Ndfeb magnets in the descaling antiscale industry, through the ndfeb high-strength magnetized water, water molecules bond Angle and length of the deformation occurred at the same time, the hydrogen bond Angle from 105 degrees to 103 degrees, a series of changes in the chemical and physical properties of water, water activity and solubility is greatly increased, the water of calcium carbonate decomposition in the process of cooking generate lower soft calcium bicarbonate, not easy to accumulate in the walls are being taken away by water. In addition to the degree of polymerization to improve water, dissolved solids to become finer particles, particles after refinement, the distance between two ion is small, not easy condensation in the wall, so as to achieve the effect of descaling.

Ndfeb magnet environmental protection and energy saving is becoming the important factors that affect the manufacturing development of all countries, and ndfeb is one of the main raw material for manufacturing environmental protection and energy saving products. For example, the application of NDB in cars, compressors, wind turbines and other fields is due to environmental protection. The application will be more widely used as a functional material for environmental protection. In an era of increasingly nervous energy, wind energy can be converted to electricity will undoubtedly is supported by government policies, wind power in Europe are large-scale implementation, 1 mw unit before using ndfeb is roughly around 1 ton, thanks to the rapid growth of the wind power industry, ndfeb consumption will increase rapidly in the wind turbine.

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