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The magnetic therapy of nd-ti-boron powerful magne


One, the compass of one of the four great inventions in ancient China, the magnetic force is one of the four fundamental forces of nature.

This is an example of the clever use of powerful magnets.

In the Ming dynasty, li shizhen, a Ming dynasty medical scientist, discovered that the water that has been treated by magnetic force five hundred years ago has the ability to "go to a sore fistula and grow skin".

The effect (see "compendium of materia medica" 583586) can strengthen the body and treat various diseases.

However, application of magnetic data is naturally produced by the ancients lodestone - strong magnetite, the magnetic can be compared with modern artificial magnetic materials, is very low.

The third generation of the powerful magnet, ndfe, was born in 1983.

Its magnetic field strength is a dozen times that of ordinary magnet, the service life is over ten years?

Magnetic energy product of human society have found so far, has been hailed as a "magnetic king" is widely used in national defense, space technology, microwave, communications, electronics, health care and other high-tech fields.

The principle of the scale and scale of the nd-nd-ti-boron strong magnet

Nd-ti-boron, the magnetic therapeutic effect of the powerful magnet for the water molecules and the deformation of the Angle and length at the same time, the water through the nd-ti-boron powerful magnet: after the high strength magnetization processing.

The hydrogen bonding Angle has been reduced from 105 degrees to around 103, making a series of changes in the physical and chemical properties of water.

Water activity and solubility is greatly increased, the water of calcium carbonate decomposition generated in the process of cooking the lower soft calcium bicarbonate, not easy to accumulate in the walls are being taken away by water.

In addition, water is more polymerized, and dissolved solid matter becomes a finer particle.

When the particles are refined, the distance between the two ions is smaller and less likely to clot on the wall, thus achieving the effect of descaling.

The difference of the mineral content in the water of the anti-disease of the nd-nd-ti-boron, due to the difference of the geographical environment.

Harmful substances in water greatly affect my life and health.

Calcium salts and magnesium salts in water are insoluble, affecting animals, plant absorption and photosynthesis.

A large number of practice and scientific experiment proves the ndfeb strong magnet "walk world" high-strength magnetized water can change the physical properties such as surface tension, density, dissolving force?

The chemical properties of acid and alkali are greatly affected, and the magnetized water can increase the activity of enzymes in water and the permeability of biofilms, and often drink strong body health.

Adjust the human microcirculation system, the digestive system, the endocrine system and the nerve function, improve the human immunity, prevent and treat various diseases.

After the high magnetization, the water molecules are activated and the oxygen content is high.

Regular drink can increase the permeability of biofilm, reduce the viscosity of the blood, adhere to the elasticity of blood vessels, prevent the formation of clots, prevent and dissolve the stones;

Often drink can strengthen physical health, improve human immunity, anti-aging, prevention and treatment of various diseases, accelerate and promote the metabolism of human body skin, commonly used to make your skin smooth and delicate, beauty according to people.

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