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What is the best effect on the surface of the nd-n


The nd-ferroboron magnet is bad because of the corrosion resistance, so it is usually necessary to make the plating corrosion, so the question is, what should I do for the magnet?

What works best?

What is the best thing about the surface coating of the nd-ti-boron coating? First of all, we should know what is the nd-ti-boron which can be plated?

"How about a gold plated?"

What are the common coating of nd-ti-boron magnets?

The nd-nd-ferroboron magnet is coated with nickel, copper, chrome, gold, black zinc, blue white zinc, epoxy resin etc.

Unlike electroplating, the surface of the magnet varies, and the length of time is long.

NI, ZN, epoxy resin: by contrast, the effect of NI, ZN, epoxy resin, para-c coating on the magnetic energy of nd-iron boron magnets in three solutions.

High polymer materials > epoxy resin > ZN coating

The results show that the acid, alkali, salt environment, polymer coating to protect magnet effect is best, epoxy resin is relatively worse, NI coating times, zinc coating is relatively poor.

Salt spray testing machine

Zinc: the surface appears to be silvery white, can be done 12-48 hours salt mist, can be in some glue stick to use, (such as AB glue) such as electroplating good word can be stored for two years to five years.

"How about a gold plated?"

Galvanized nd-nd-ti-boron magnet product

Nickel: it looks like a stainless steel color. It is difficult to oxidize the surface of the air in the air, and it looks good, the gloss is good, the plating can pass 12 -- 72 hours of salt mist test.

The drawback is that you can't stick with some glue, which will peel off the coating.

Advantage: look good looking

Disadvantages: the coating is easy to fall off

Copper: in the hardware industry, there are few people in the nd-ti-boron industry, whose appearance is yellow.

Rarely used

Appearance is yellow

Chrome: chrome-plating is also a rarity, with the cost of electroplating high and the average company can't accept it.

But its ability to decay is very strong and it is difficult to react with other substances. Mainly used in places where the acid alkalinity is stronger.

This is rarely chosen.

Very rare

Black zinc: surface treatment is according to the customer request the product as black, in the electroplating process is mainly on the basis of galvanized by chemical treatment to add a layer of protective film, black also can protect the membrane products do use, salt fog growth time, prolonged by oxidation. But its surface is easy to scratch and lose its protective effect.

The people who are using it now are rare, mostly replaced by resins.

In black

Mostly resin replaced

Kim: some of the small stalls we saw on the street were gold-plated, or copper.

Gilding makes the product look as beautiful as gold, commonly used in the jewelry industry, and our products can be gilded and used for magnetic jewelry.

Make magnetic jewelry

Epoxy resin: the product is in nickel plating and then add a layer of resin paint, outside the industry in the past two years have a market, its development is very fast, a lot of people are now used in all kinds of plating products, its biggest advantage is that can do the color you want.

Pros: all kinds of colors

PS: the appropriate coating should be selected based on the unused environment.

Not the manufacturer of the plating is not the same, the main reason is the chamfer and the length of the plating time, under the condition of without knowing the magnet electroplating, we should be how to distinguish the plating quality, there are one of the most simple and quick way is to see coating, coating quality is better, the brighter the said so in choosing a magnet when ordering, as far as possible choose industry more awareness of enterprises in order to guarantee the quality of the coating.

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