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What is the maximum temperature used for sintering


What is the maximum temperature used for sintering NDBN?

The number of the sintered nti-boron

Before clear the highest temperature of sintered ndfeb can use, ndfeb magnets and clear summary of brand, we didn't say before sintered ndfeb brand. So let's start with the license plate number of the nd-boron.

Sintered nd-ferromagnetic material is divided into six categories according to the strength of magnetic polarization strength, and each type of product is divided by the maximum magnetic energy product size.

N: low coercive force

M: moderate

H: high coercive force

SH: it's highly coercive

UH: super power

EH: it's extremely stubborn

There are more detailed categories:

The larger the number, the higher the maximum magnetic energy. The other brands of nd-ti-boron magnet are classified according to the rigid and working temperature range.

Factors affecting the magnetic force of nd-ferroboron magneto

Magnet retracer non-demagnetization and life span.

Product temperature

The material of magnetic resistance is chosen

Affect magneto magnetic factor:

The existence of alternating magnetic fields. Anyone who has a certain knowledge of the magnet knows that the magnet is divided by N, S, or multipolar. If there is another magnetic field around the magnet, it will offset some of the magnets. This is also what people say will be demagnetization in the range of temperature used.

Mechanical shock. With assembly associated to a certain extent, the magnet friction to the product in the assembly process, because the magnet material feature is fragile, cause body wear, size smaller. And then the magnet will slow down.

Temperature, because the magnet type (for example: ferrite magnets, ndfeb magnet, adhesive ndfeb, aluminum nickel and cobalt, cobalt unlined upper garment, iron chromium cobalt, injection ferrite, etc.) and there are dozens of, the material has a corresponding temperature limit. In general. When the product is in use, the temperature below the limit of the magnet will not be demagnetized. For example, the maximum temperature is 80 to 100 degrees without the brush, and in the case of a maximum of 5%, the magnet will be used for the material of 120 degrees. This is, of course, for the nd-ti-boron magnet.

The highest use temperature for each brand product

The maximum temperature of the magnet depends on the magnetic energy and the work points of the magnet. The magnetic field of a magnet is represented by the magnetic coefficient of the magnet. For the same magnet, the higher the permeability of the magnetic circuit (the more the closing of the magnetic path), the higher the maximum temperature of the magnet, the more stable the magnet's performance. So the maximum use of a magnet is not a determined value, but a change in the degree of closure of the magnetic circuit. The maximum usage temperature of each license plate number is as follows: sintering nti-boron at a given working point.

Of the highest working temperature ℃

N 80 ℃

M 100 ℃

H 120 ℃

SH 150 ℃

UH, 180 ℃

EH, 200 ℃

PS: if the actual working temperature close to the highest use temperature, appeared significantly and magnet demagnetization, at this point either must improve magnetic circuit, in order to improve the permeability of magnetic circuit; You must either choose the higher performance level of the license plate to ensure the normal work of the magnet.

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